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Happy New Year



The CIHF has had to cancel personal liability insurance for its members under the CIHF membership. This has also happened to the OIHA through the OEF membership.

Jack De Witt and a board have now formed a group to advocate and promote Recreational / leisure riding across Canada. If anyone , from any breed association is looking for personal insurance, this may be suitable for their needs. The advantage is that this fast growing group is also using some of the membership ( this is also the insurance piece ) dollars to create a voice in numbers for trails preservation across the country. This issue is not so large for larger open spaces but is of great concern in Urban areas and parks across the country. Individual clubs do not have a large enough voice to counter other vehicular trail users. Susan B Bunge.

See for all information and membership on line.

All postings in this column are forever relevant to the leisure rider. So, do scroll down if you are a new owner, rider or just interested :-)

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