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Winter Laminitis

Eglo-Litha My joyful but laminitis prone 13 yr old 5 gaited mare. I have front boots for her but the ground is soft enough now and the Front Laminae are attached 3/4 of the way down and are not giving her too much trouble until the week before a three week trim , as the dead laminae spread under use forcing the hoof wall to move outward. A bit like pushing something under your fingernail as you push with a force from the hand. Ouch !

I got 'slim' style ( by measuring after a trim) for her back feet. The laminae are not attaching as well as the front as she tends to twist the foot as she places it. I saw the relief in her eye the moment she test walked and realised her feet were more comfortable. I remove them for a few days and for cleaning also when the ground is soft enough for comfort. For her it is imperative that she stays off growing pasture. I have not had her tested for metabolic syndrome. That is certainly an option.

Other immediate options have been Masterson Tension release to increase muscle action and therefore increase blood flow, Encouraging bloodflow massaging tendons from the knee down. No need for warm blankets with the ,'traditional Icelandic coat, it still takes a whole year to grow a new hoof wall. A very small supplement feed contains Biotin and minerals needed for overall health. This Pic. was taken Mid February. Everyone still look like furry teddy bears. Litha more like a bear as she grows a short under and outer coat the same colour as a bear. ;-) Susan Bunge

thermo reg.
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