Our Mission

The C.I.H.F. was founded July 5, 1979 in Calgary, Alberta. Gunnar Bjarnasson represented Iceland at the meeting and was appointed Honorary President of the C.I.H.F., a position he held with each European member organization. Canadian National Livestock Records (now known as the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation or CLRC) officially recognized our Federation July 26, 1983. Effective January 1999 there were 1320 purebred Icelandic horses registered through CLRC, which maintains the registries of most purebred livestock breeds in Canada. The Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation joined F.E.I.F. the Federation of European Friends of the Icelandic Horse in 1984 and has participated at World Championships since 1985.

The Federation shall have for its objectives:

  • The encouragement, development and regulation of the Icelandic horse in Canada. 

  • To keep record of breeding and registration of Icelandic horses under the Canadian National Livestock Record system. 

  • To promote the awareness and secure the integrity of purebred Icelandic horses. 

  • To promote, encourage and assist in livestock exhibitions and fairs, and offer grants and contribute prizes for such purposes which shall be limited to registered Icelandic horses.


Board Of Directors

Victoria Stoncuis.jpg

Victoria Stoncius


My name is Victoria Stoncius and I live in Mississauga, Ontario. I have a strong passion for the Icelandic Horse and would like to further the breed in Canada as much as I can. I began riding in 1998. I learned to ride on the "tall" horses and then quickly switched to Icelandics. I rode at Clear Lake Farm for a number of years and had the opportunity to represent Canada at the Icelandic Horse World Championships in 2009 in Switzerland and in 2013 in Germany. In 2009 I placed 39th in T1(Tolt Class) with 4.83. In 2013 I placed 37th in V1 (Four Gait Class) with 5.67, and 17th in T2 (Loose Rein Class) with 6.93. In preparation for both World Championships I traveled to Germany and worked on the farm Norderheide owned by Gotz George. In 2013 I also had the opportunity to travel to Islandpferdehof Blumencron to train. I learned a lot from the experience and was able to see different farms and techniques. Since then I have been working with various Icelandic Horses, other gaited breeds and yes the "tall" horses. I show hunter and jumper when not working with our furry tolters. I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Ontario Icelandic Horse Association where I completed two years, one as Vice President. I have a strong interest in breeding and showing Icelandic horses. I enjoy learning about different characteristics passed through stallions/generation and goals in breeding programs. I would one day like to own an Icelandic breeding farm and have the opportunity to produce top quality horses.

Chanel and Soks.jpg

Chanel Robertson

Vice President

My name is Chanel Robertson. My family and I own Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm in Merritt, BC. I’ve been training, breeding and selling Icelandic horses for 20yrs. I’ve competed in various breed evaluations and sport competitions as well as demos and drill teams promoting the Icelandic Horse. I’ve spent a year in Iceland training on several farms and return to Iceland every chance I get. My goals while on the board of directors include bringing more education to the Icelandic horse enthusiasts of Canada, as well as promoting the breed and spreading the joy of the Icelandic Horse.


Sarah Lefebvre


I have been riding since I was two years old. Lucky for me my parents were into horses and encouraged me in whichever discipline I chose. Over the years I have ridden in Pony Club, 4-H, local riding club horse shows and gymkhanas, I trained reiners in both BC and Alberta, team roped, jumping and dressage, mountain trail and in 2012 I got my first Icelandic.
Since then I have competed in sport competitions in Canada, Iceland, USA and Germany. Most recently I competed on the Canadian Team in Berlin Germany in T1 and V1.

I attend as many clinics as I am able to. I have been to Iceland three times so far, once for vacation, once for a clinic and the last time I lived there for three months taking clinics and training under a Holar graduate.

This is my first year on the board of directors. I am look forward to meeting fellow icelandic enthusiasts. If your in the area give me a call!

Tammy Steen.JPG.opt313x313o0,0s313x313.j

Tammy Steen


Hello, my name is Tammy Steen. My family and I have a small farm in the Kootenays where I have bred, raised, started and sold a number of Icelandic Horses. I love promoting the Icelandic Horses and have worked to establish the breed in the West Kootenays. I have been involved with clinics, demonstrations and competitions as well as recreational riding. 
My foundation began with big horses (Morgans)…I have been involved in english and western, combined driving, gymkhana and jumping. Pony Club, 4H and the Slocan Valley Outriders are local organizations I am involved with. I would like to help with fundraising for CIHF. 
To support my horse habit I work as a Registered Forest Technologist for the Forest Service in Merritt, BC and the BC Wildfire Service as an Auxiliary wildfire fighter.

Arnold Faber.jpg

Arnold Faber


My name is Arnold Faber. For over 40 years I and my Family have an Icelandic Horse farm and our live has evolved around these beautiful horses. Over the years we organized evaluations, competitions, clinics and many demonstrations and have worked hard to promote and teach people about the breed. This year as sports leader I was involved in the World Champion chips in Germany. Fitjamyri sponsored an enthusiastic team and supported the first Canadian bred mare ever to participate on a WC for Icelandic Horses Maya II from Fitjamyri. We are planning to continue to organize evaluations and other events and working to get sponsorships for our 2015 WC team in Denmark.


Bonni Walker


I am new to Icelandic horses, having purchased my first Icelandic horse two years ago. Between my husband and myself, we are now the proud owners of four Icelandic horses – they are truly addictive! Prior to Icelandic horses, along with my husband, we owned warmblood horses and participated in hunters, jumpers, dressage, and even fox hunting (my husband that is – fox hunting is way too adventurous for me!). I realized early with my horses that I do not want to be competitive and really just want to enjoy them and keep learning. Before horses, my big passion in life was competitive running, and as a younger woman, competed nationally in both cross-country and road racing, as well as coaching a large Vancouver running club, and teaching many learn-to-run programs in Vancouver. I have been an accountant for over 35 years and did try to retire last year, only to realize that I’m happier keeping busy, so have taken back a few of my old clients.

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JoAnne Chalmers


Bio coming soon.

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Erhard Marenbach


Bio coming soon.