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The CIHF is dedicated to educating and informing on all things Icelandic.  We endeavour to share news and post information and links on upcoming educational seminars, clinics and competitive events;  with an emphasis on youth activities and a goal to further encourage youth participation  in the Icelandic horse world.

For detailed information on upcoming International events  please check out the FEIF web site and WorldFengur
You can also follow the FEIF events calendar for 2024 here:

Events in Canada will be posted here and on the CIHF Facebook page. Please let us know if you are hosting a youth orientated Icelandic Horse event or clinic this year and we will share the information.


Virtual Education Seminar

The Education Committee of LH in Iceland together with Horses of Iceland,is organizing a 2nd virtual Conference in January 2024 in English with the main theme of “Social Licence to Operate”.
This phrase is important to all us horse people as the pressure grows from different directions on how and if people can use animals for their pleasure. As our horses are also rather small we in the Icelandic Horse world might feel even more certain aspects of this discussion for instance towards weight of rider vs horse and more. But what knowledge is there so far about our impact on horses or their impact on us?


In this virtual conference we will learn about how the science can help us better understand these questions and simply be of aid in the whole dialogue. We will have fantastic lecturers that have been working for a long time in various aspect of equine science but also end the conference with a very interesting panel discussion.



The conference will be held over 5 evenings in January 2024, with one lecturer at a time for the first 4 evenings followed by the fifth evening where we will have conclusions and a panel discussion with representatives from various fields of our horse world. Mark these days on your calendar!

SCHEDULE - 5 evenings from 19:00 GMT:

9. janúar:    Michael Weishaupt professor at UZH – Social Licence to Operate and what role science can play.

11. janúar:  Marie Rhodin, associate professor at SLU – Research in aspects of health analysis of our horses, including revolutionary lameness detection.

16. janúar:  Guðrún Stefánsdóttir, docent at Hólaskóli University – Previous and ongoing studies of the effect of riders weight on horses performance.

18. janúar:  Sveinn Ragnarsson, professor at Hólaskóli University – Discussions about horse and human communication, mutual influence and studies in that field with SLO in the core.

23. janúar:  Panel discussion with professionals from various fields within the Icelandic horse world.

Price is €85

Click below to register:

The seminar is aimed for listed trainers and instructors within the FEIF Matrix as well as judges within our Icelandic horse world and is valid as CPD (16 units) in Iceland (please check with your national organisation if they also acknowledge it as CPD). If you are not part of these groups but still like to attend, you can send in a special request to LH via email to:

FEIF Youth Cup

The 2024 FEIF YouthCup

The focus of the bi-annual FEIF YouthCup is on teamwork, sportsmanship, improved riding skills
and cross-cultural friendships.

FEIF YouthCup is arranged every second year and consists of a week of intense training with respected instructors of international standing. The week ends in a competition with a range of youth classes on and off the oval track.

Anticipation for the 2024 FEIF YouthCup is growing – and so are the number of questions coming in.
Hopefully this will cover some of them. The invitation with a lot of detail will be sent out in January 2024.

Preliminary Information

  • The FEIF YouthCup will run from Sat 13th (arrival) – 20th July (departure) in Münsingen, Switzerland. Eligible riders are young riders who will TURN 14, 15, 16 or 17 years of age in the year of the FYCup.

  • Cost for partipants is €1000 plus €65 judges and trainer fee, for Country Leaders the cost is €500.

  • All participating horses have to be registered in WorldFengur.

  • *There will be two set dressage tests, one slightly easier than the other and participants may choose which one they take. 

  • At the moment, it is not planned that the Cup will be a WR event.




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