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Education & Youth

Trainers in Canada

Level 1

To maintain certification trainers are required to submit proof of continuing education. Seminars and clinics need to be approved by the Education Leader prior to participation.

Continuing education consists of 

  • Seminars must total a combined minimum of 16 hours, e.g. one 2-day (16 hour) seminar and two 1-day (8 hour) seminars would satisfy the requirement

  • Seminars can be local, national or international

  • Seminars do not have to be Icelandic horse related as long as the topic is applicable to the work of an Icelandic horse riding instructor and trainer

Arnold Faber

Vernon, BC


Chanel Robertson

Merritt, BC


Hanna Dilts



Lisi Ohm

Nova Scotia


Sarah Lefebvre

Chilliwack, BC


Victoria Stoncuis

Mississauga, Ont


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