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Herd of Icelandics


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Victoria Stoncius


A Bit About Me

My name is Victoria Stoncius and I live in Mississauga, Ontario. I have a strong passion for the Icelandic Horse and would like to further the breed in Canada as much as I can.

I began riding in 1998. I learned to ride on the "tall" horses and then quickly switched to Icelandics. I rode at Clear Lake Farm for a number of years and had the opportunity to represent Canada at the Icelandic Horse World Championships in 2009 in Switzerland and in 2013 in Germany.

In 2009 I placed 39th in T1(Tolt Class) with 4.83. In 2013 I placed 37th in V1 (Four Gait Class) with 5.67, and 17th in T2 (Loose Rein Class) with 6.93. In preparation for both World Championships I traveled to Germany and worked on the farm Norderheide owned by Gotz George.

In 2013 I also had the opportunity to travel to Islandpferdehof Blumencron to train. I learned a lot from the experience and was able to see different farms and techniques. Since then I have been working with various Icelandic Horses, other gaited breeds and yes the "tall" horses. I show hunter and jumper when not working with our furry tolters.

I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Ontario Icelandic Horse Association where I completed two years, one as Vice President. I have a strong interest in breeding and showing Icelandic horses. I enjoy learning about different characteristics passed through stallions/generation and goals in breeding programs. I would one day like to own an Icelandic breeding farm and have the opportunity to produce top quality horses.



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