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Herd of Icelandics


Annette Straver


A Bit About Me

My name is Annette Straver and I live in Ontario.  I have been riding most of my life and was happily introduced to the Icelandic horse about 14 years ago and have never looked back.  My parents decided to buy a farm when my siblings and I were young and the farmer that sold the farm left some animals.  Two of those animals were Shetland ponies.  We never had any lessons and they were untrained but we learned to ride quick!  I introduced my daughter to riding when she was young and sent her to lessons and tagged along to see if I could learn a thing or two.  At the time I was lucky enough to live beside a Provincial forest and we would spend hours riding in the forest as a family.  I have owned Quarter horses and Thoroughbreds and now I have one beautiful Icelandic, Selja.  I still consider myself a beginner and ever learning how to communicate with my equine partner.  I love ground work, liberty and still love riding in the forest.


I love to travel and take every chance to ride horses during my journeys, but always love coming home to my comfy partner.


I have been Director at Large, President and Secretary for the Ontario Icelandic Association in the past each for a one year term.



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