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Our records are maintained with the Canadian Live Stock Records


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World Fengur

To Access WorldFengur:

All Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation members are provided with their own code to access World Fengur. The access codes are generally emailed at the end of February / beginning of March each year. If you have not received your access code please contact Lisi (contact information at the bottom of the page).

Please make sure your email is up to date with the CLRC when your purchase or renew your membership otherwise you will not receive your access codes!

Once your receive the email please save it in a safe place so you will be able to access the information easily.

Old codes from the previous year will expire and no longer work. 

For anyone interested, here is the link to the WorldFengur manual - everything is described to provide you with an understanding of the system piece by piece.

To change your own personal information on WorldFengur - Click on "My Paddock" and choose the "About me" tab above on the right and enter all your info.

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