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Herd of Icelandics


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Christine Searle


A Bit About Me

I live in North Saanich on Vancouver Island. I have a small property I share with my family, dogs, cats, and Icelandic horses. While I have been riding since childhood, I rode my first Icelandic horse in 2003 and purchased my own in 2004 (19 years ago).


Since then, I have owned five Icelandic horses. After my first ride I was convinced, this was the only breed of horse I would ever own. I am still enamoured with the Icelandic horse’s outlook on life. Each time I ride the tolt it thrills me. I am an avid trail rider and have trailered my horses all over Vancouver Island to experience new and exciting trails.

I have participated in many Competitive Trail Rides, Carriage Driving events, Horsemanship clinics, Icelandic clinics and been a member of organizations promoting trail riding. I enjoy talking about my horses with other equestrians and people I meet out on the trail.


My Icelandic horses are excellent ambassadors for the multi-use trails I ride on every day. I continue to promote all the excellent qualities and versatility of this wonderful breed. 

In the summer of 2022, I enjoyed a trip to Iceland to experience Landsmot and meet some new Icelandic horse friends out on the trails. What an amazing trip for every Icelandic horse lover!

The picture above is me posing with my Iceland mounts in Iceland and below are photos of my favourite view, me holding the horses in Northwest Iceland while the lunch paddock was being set-up and my mares Elska and Bryndis.



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